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Radon is a naturally produced radioactive gas that can enter your home at any time. It increases the risk of developing lung cancer when people are exposed to high concentrations over the course of months or years. Fortunately, SWAT Environmental specializes in radon mitigation and testing for residential and commercial properties. They can use advanced tools and techniques to lower radioactive gas levels. You need to know how SWAT Environmental can handle radon problems in your home or business. Radon testing is the first step your home inspector SWAT Environmental will take. This process can be done quickly at first to determine if you have an immediate problem and require radon remediation. A longer radon testing process will provide results that are more accurate, if time permits. Testing will show just how serious the problem is in your home. When results above 2.7pCi/L, you should strongly consider a radon mitigation system from S.W.A.T. Results below a specific threshold show that radon abatement might not be required at the moment. However, many citizens choose to have the radon mitigation system installed even when the readings are marginal since the units not only reduce radon levels, but also improve overall air quality within the dwelling.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Radioactive Gas Known as Radon

Danger is a thing associated with things away from the home. Radon is one of those exceptions. It is a slow killer and causes health problems that bring about the demise of millions. This radioactive gas is a natural component of the soil and seeps into almost every home in the United States. Radioactive gas levels below 4pCi/L present problems but can be abated. Radon abatement to below this threshold is much safer. Radon test research shows that one in sixteen residents show difficulties with radioactive gas levels. Radon mitigation will eradicate a large percentage of this radioactive gas, as much as 99%. There is no reason to suffer this invasive problem. 

Radioactive gas reduction is not only important in homes but in schools and in businesses. People are especially susceptible to this radioactive gas at home. This natural breakdown of uranium embedded in the soil seeps out. Houses constructed close to the ground are more accessible to radon infiltration. Homes built without basements are better able to vent this radioactive gas. Radioactive gas testing can reveal this toxic gas and aid in radioactive gas mitigation. The radioactive gas division of the CDC offers the public information and recommendations for radon testing and removal.

Radioactive gas is not detectable through normal avenues. It cannot be smelled and is not visible to the naked eye. Radon abatement is best done by professionals but there are DIY home kits available. The EPA has placed guidelines for consumers and home construction experts to follow. Radioactive gas testing detects radon levels and the World Health Organization offers suggestions on how to bring down the concentrations of radon.

Radioactive gas remediation is done through home basement vents and fans strategically placed in crawl spaces. Professional radon reduction methods provide sophisticated post-treatment testing methods and it is recommended to follow up test every couple of years to assure toxic radioactive gas stays at safe levels. Radioactive gas testing is not expensive and can help prevent tumors and other health issues. Tumors are growths on the body and some can become cancerous. Stimulated growths by radioactive gas may cause lung cancer and other diseases. Performing radon tests can keep a home free of toxic radioactive gasses and help avoid the tragic consequences of being exposed to radiation.

The idea of indoor radiation for many people is something belonging to atomic spills or science fiction movies; not their home. No one wants to imagine sleeping with this kind of toxin day in and day out. Eating dinner and watching television with an enemy that can destroy their serenity. This is why radon mitigation is so important, so homeowners will not have to worry about the radioactive gas. Sitting in a hospital with a loved one with any illness is devastating but when it might have been prevented, it is unbearable.

Radon tests are affordable for any homeowners. The reduction of radioactive gas through testing and abatement may prevent the chance of small cell lung cancer and tumors. Surely, this is not the only cause of these problems but radon reduction in the home is one safeguard each individual homeowner can take. Radioactive gas mitigation is another way of improving the environment for all families, one home at a time. 


  1. I do not think that the cost of the test would be a factor if more people understood the dangers of the gas. Good points!

  2. I would think that if it were in our schools, that officials would be able to do something to reduce the numbers. Great post!

  3. LOL, I love that picture! This is a serious topic, however. If the test is affordable, then I guess we should all put time and money aside to get it done, right!?

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