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Radon is a naturally produced radioactive gas that can enter your home at any time. It increases the risk of developing lung cancer when people are exposed to high concentrations over the course of months or years. Fortunately, SWAT Environmental specializes in radon mitigation and testing for residential and commercial properties. They can use advanced tools and techniques to lower radioactive gas levels. You need to know how SWAT Environmental can handle radon problems in your home or business. Radon testing is the first step your home inspector SWAT Environmental will take. This process can be done quickly at first to determine if you have an immediate problem and require radon remediation. A longer radon testing process will provide results that are more accurate, if time permits. Testing will show just how serious the problem is in your home. When results above 2.7pCi/L, you should strongly consider a radon mitigation system from S.W.A.T. Results below a specific threshold show that radon abatement might not be required at the moment. However, many citizens choose to have the radon mitigation system installed even when the readings are marginal since the units not only reduce radon levels, but also improve overall air quality within the dwelling.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Radon in Water

Here are five of the usual questions asked about radon in water:

1) - What is Radon?
2) - Is there really radon in my water?
3) - Why is radon in water that I drink a health concern?
4) - What levels of radon should I be concerned about?
5) - What is the procedure in testing for radon in water?
6) - I receive my public water from a supplier, so how will any new EPA regulations affect me?

Radon is an equal opportunity annoyer and wannabe killer, and easily slides into your life without even knowing about it because it has NO odor, color, or taste. And most times it sneaks into your life from the ground as well as the air you breathe. However, water is this sneaky thief's chosen approach. As mentioned radon gas can dissolve and accumulate in water from underground sources such as ground water and wells. Ergo, radon in water is your companion in the shower, washing dishes, cooking, and in the air inside your property.

Radon in water is similar to those soft drinks most of the younger generation love, yet, even after you open a can or bottle to the open air, some radon will still remain in the water. The good news about radon in water is that if you have some concern you should not needlessly worry about any radon in water if it comes from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. This form of radon in water is called "surface water" because the radon is released into the air before it ever arrives in the form of a bottle or can.

Answering the earlier questions, not all drinking water contains radon. Your only concern is if it comes from underground such as a well that pumps the water. Although, not all underground sources contain radon. In terms of radon in water as far as we have been able to determine there is no government drinking water regulations for radon. But the EPA has proposed to regulate radon in water, especially drinking water. Also, the federal government does not currently regulate private water wells.

If your question was how you get rid of radon in water, if you get your water from a public water system, find out whether that system gets it water from a surface, like lakes, rivers or a reservoir, rather than an underground source. Finally, if you have a private well the EPA suggests you test your water on a regular basis for the levels of radon in water.


  1. We have a private well on our property with a reverse osmosis filtering system. Does that type of system make the water more safe for us if radon is present? If testing shows that our well water contains radon, what can we do about it? I think I would rather more and have city water if it came to that for us.

  2. This may be off topic from the article, but how does the radon test know that radon is present? Your article states that "Radon is an equal opportunity annoyer and wannabe killer, and easily slides into your life without even knowing about it because it has NO odor, color, or taste." If it is in our water supply, we won't even know about it unless we have it tested?

  3. If Radon can get into my water supply, what type of filtration system would I need in my home to ensure the levels are gone or at least as low as possible?

  4. Radon gas in my water supply!?? That is a little scary. Thank you for the information and what to look for!

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